Episode 17

17: Touching Radii


July 29th, 2016

1 hr 2 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

This week we discuss Pokémon Go, a new retro Nintendo console and the iPhone 7.

Show Notes

iPhone 7 : Photos des nouveaux écouteurs Lightning ?!


Pokémon GO on the App Store

Pokémon Go launch in Japan postponed after email leak – TechCrunch

GitHub - AHAAAAAAA/PokemonGo-Map: 🌏 Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area... and more!

Pokémon Go - Logan Paul Dragonite Prank in a Central Park! - YouTube

Kid run's into Baltimore police car while playing Pokemon GO - YouTube

Driver slams into Baltimore cop car while playing Pokemon Go

Permissions update – Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go Mania Sweeps the Country … So T-Mobile Thanks Customers with Free Pokémon Data and More – T-Mobile Newsroom

Advertisers set for a piece of ‘Pokémon Go’ action - FT.com

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

'Pokémon Go' daily active users are slipping, but is the fad over?

The Pokémon Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

McDonald’s Japan Soars as Game-Starved Diners Catch Pokemon Toys - Bloomberg

Non-Pokémon News

Nintendo to Release the NES Classic Edition in November!

Console Nintendo NES Classic Mini: Amazon.fr

Nintendo Classic Mini: Amazon.co.uk

Analogue Nt Information – Analogue

Planet of the Apps

Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution

Indie Game: The Movie

App: The Human Story - A documentary coming soon.

RAMS: The First Feature Documentary About Dieter Rams by Gary Hustwit —Kickstarter

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master - The Fate of Atari by 8bit generation —Kickstarter

Clearest Shot Yet of iPhone 7 Case Confirms Subtle Design Tweaks - Mac Rumors

iPhone 7 Mockups Revive Rumors of 'Plus' and 'Pro' 5.5-Inch Models - Mac Rumors

iPhone 7 et iPhone 7 Plus : Les premiers modèles d'expositions en fuite!


Awesome theme song by Jim Kulakowski

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