• Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé

    Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé has hosted 81 episodes.

    Alexandre has been a tech writer for more than a decade on multiple publications including Branchez-vous, Future Shop's Tech Blog (sunsetted), Best Buy's Branche-toi and Blogue de Geek. Over the years, his articles were picked up by other major tech blogs and he was lucky enough to break the news a few times.

    He's currently co-authoring on Hipster Pixel with Tyler and podcasting on

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  • Tyler Ménard

    Tyler Ménard has hosted 81 episodes.

    Tyler is a web developer constantly seeking out new technologies to master. Tyler is active online at a number of technology sites, and an active participant at local meetups. He shares our love of consumer technology and all things Apple, and he's writing his experiences and ideas in the shape of pixels on Hipster Pixel.

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